• Kali Products

Have you found the right supplier for your Retail Marijuana Store?

Kali Products is an indoor, Tier 3, producer and processor in the Walla Walla Valley. We have recently expanded significantly and are looking to build more relationships with retailers in Washington State. For you, we have created this specialized packet of our current, available, and upcoming strains and their lineages.

Kali Products produces a variety of cannabis products to include flower, prerolls (1g and .5g), and concentrates.

Regular strains are available to be grown through any I-502-Approved Producer. Proprietary strains describes the strains that are only grown by Kali Products which we owe to our partnership with John Preher at The Horticulture Company. We are very excited to grow and exhibit John’s creations.

At Kali Products we grow the best quality cannabis you can supply to your customers. We have secured a wide variety of potent strains, cultivate them with fresh water and organic compost teas, and avoid bottled nutrients or chemicals.

Here at Kali you'll find:

  • Rare Strains that your customers have been looking for
  • Data about all of our Strains and Grows--so you can choose what's best for your shop
  • Examples of packaging, quantities and product varieties--from pre-rolls to ounces!


Our staff are happy to help! If you are calling outside of normal business hours, please expect contact the following business day.

Thank you.

Our Strains

Dank Sinatra F3 Indica Dominant Preher Strain
Echo Head Sativa Dominant Preher Strain
Berry Spice Sativa Dominant Preher Strain
Emerald City OG Indica Dominant Preher Strain
MediKali Indica Dominant Preher Strain
Cuvee Hybrid Indica dominant
Black Widow Hybrid Sativa dominant
White Widow Hybrid Sativa dominant
Afgooey Hybrid Sativa dominant
White Russian Hybrid Indica dominant
Cindy99 Sativa Dominant
Black Betty Sativa Dominant
Tangelope Sativa Dominant
Fruit Punch Sativa dominant
Nakahama Sativa dominant
Gorilla Bomb Sativa dominant
Green Crack Sativa dominant
Critical Kush Indica dominant

Our Retailers

Walla Walla Cannabis Company
Walla Walla Weedery
Pacific Cannabis Co.
Cannabis 4 Life
Cannabis 4 Life
Legal marijuana Superstore
Cannabis 4 Life
Cannabis 4 Life
Cannabis 4 Life
The M Store